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I want to share my story with you and I hope it will inspire you to take the lead of your mystical journey. 


I remember as a little girl having these abilities and feeling connected to all living or non living beings and dreaming of becoming a witch, I just knew that something mystical was out there waiting for me. I held on to that sensation in my body as I grew up, but something happen and I forgot to connect, I forgot what it felt like to feel supported by the earth and to interact with the compassion and devotion of living beings. I did the things I was suppose to do, finish high school, go to college, land the perfect job, get married and have children, but something was missing. After the birth of my first child I endured a traumatic experience with post-partum depression that lead me on this path that I’m still walking today. The path of oneness and presence. The path to being true to who I am and loving myself with all that I can. 


Needles to say, this path hasn’t and isn’t always easy, trust me when I say this, the darkness and the ugly is totally worth it because it allows me to see the beauty that is in front of me. When I was going through that traumatic experience I felt alone and I had this deep desire to feel connected with other women in a sacred and safe space where I can express myself without being judged, a space where I feel and experience new things. The moment that space fell into my lap, I packed my suit case hopped on a plane to Toronto, my soul was tingling because I was asking for was coming to life. The first day of the Radiant Women Circle Intensive Training blew me away, I met women I have never met before however had soulful and meaningful connections to each women in that space.


This mystical journey has allowed me to take control of my life and to walk the path of my purpose. This journey allowed me to explore a variety of trainings, workshops, and mentorships to better serve myself and to bring a sense of connection, growth and sacredness to my community. These trainings inspired me to create a safe space for women who may be feeling like I was, lost, alone or vulnerable, or searching for a place to belong. 


Becoming a mother has allowed me to connect with my inner child again which brought back many memories of my childhood and expressing my Inner Witch. I recall a moment in nature with my children, I noticed a pink wild flower and I instantly had a flashback of a time I was gathering flowers from the garden, rocks from the ground, sand from the earth plus water from the hose and mashing it all together while making wishes. From that moment I started to explore my abilities deeper and I have regained the profound relationship with the earth I once had as a child. 


Five years ago I had a dream that I was hosting a sacred gathering with seven glowing women sitting in a circle, this dream awaken a vision within my soul. I didn’t know where it would take me but I trusted that this dream was a sign to create this space for women to come together. Today I feel blessed to have shared sacred space and met an abundance of women from all over the place and of all different backgrounds coming together to empower each other.


I love to spend most of my time outside, weather permitting of course because living in northern Canada our winters can be cold and dark. I love to explore and try new things that allow me to express myself in a new way. I love to travel but the best are the simple road trips with my kids. What I love the most is to learn, learn in textbooks but also learn the fundamental aspects of walking this path called life. I feel that when I learn I grow and when I grow I expand. This passion for learning is leading me back to school and working on my Psychology BA so I can complement my holistic background with a deeper understanding of how the our behaviours are influenced by our past so we can take control of our futur. 

I believe that our journey is a constant movement of change, adaptation, growing and learning.

May I be your guide on your Mystical Journey...

Love & Light, 

Amilie xo

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