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Assorted Crystals

Jennifer Cumming

NorthAura Rocks

Timmins, ON



A Bit About Jennifer

"My name is Jennifer and I'm NorthAura Rocks. I'm a full time working Mom to 2 beautiful daughters, my sweet lights. I started creating jewelry for myself about 3 years ago, with the "I can do that too" attitude, starting out small and worked my way up. That lead to gifting some pieces which in turn turned into what I have today. While I don't always have (or make) time to create all the time. Like most things in life and nature, my time to create comes in waves, in cycles. I create one of a kind pieces, as no 2 stones are identical. I can do custom orders or you can choose from my ready to go pieces, of which I always keep a small stock available. Right around the time I was invited to take part in this conference I had started playing with the idea of hosting jewelry making gatherings, so I'm definitely taking this as a sign." Jennifer brings knowledge on stones and crystals. She will be providing us with a hands on workshop. During your time with Jennifer, you will learn how to created your very own crystal jewelry. 

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