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Reiki Healing

Lisanne Morin

Peony Blossom - Good Witch Studio

Timmins, ON



A Bit About Lisane

Meet Lisanne, she is a registered Myomassology Practitioner. She has extensive training in healing modalities such as Usui Reiki (Level 2 Practitioner) and has achieved 200YT yoga teacher training. Lisanne is a dedicated and empowered leader. When she has a vision/ideal in mind, she goes straight for it. She is unstoppable. When you meet Lisanne, you will instantly feel at home, she creates a warm and safe atmosphere for your clients and has the ability to melt your body with her magical hands. Her Journey became over 5 years ago when she decided to take her life into action. She decided to put herself first and nurture her being. From that moment she inspired other women to be authentic because she believes that being authentic is important when you show up for others. On the side she loves working with children and has earned her ECE diploma. Oh and she loves donuts. During the conference, Lisanne will be sharing her story and also provided services such as Massage and Reiki treatments. 

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